Reaching Out Program

This service is available only to the residents of St. Croix and Pierce County, Wisconsin.

SCAF recognizes a need within the county to provide food for animals in homes where individuals find it difficult to get out and about and for families having fallen temporarily on hard times. The goal of the Reaching Out Program is to offer those individuals food for their animals, free of charge. These pets will have proper food and will not have to be surrendered to a shelter because of financial stress.

We offer this program to provide food for as many animals in need as possible. If you are in need of this program or want more information, please call us at 715-749-3763 or email us at

SCAF holds Pet Food Drives at area stores to collect donations supporting this program. Retail as well as private donations are welcomed.  Some types of products we look for may include, but are not limited to, the following items:
  • Canned Dog or Cat Food (dented cans are acceptable)
  • Dry Dog or Cat Food
  • Cat Litter
  • Any Animal Food Nearing Expiration
  • Dog or Cat Treats

Please volunteer to help at the Pet Food Drives even if it’s only for a couple of hours. We can always use another pair of hands. YOUR hands! Bring a friend to help out or volunteer as a family!

Interested in volunteering at a pet food drive? Please contact Amy at

Looking for a way to help? How about becoming a “Pet Food Sponsor”?
As a sponsor, you donate funds to support the food needs of a pet. Amounts vary, so you decide what you want to provide for a pet needing food assistance. Simply indicate your intention when you make your donation, or email Amy for more information at 


SCAF and the pets you provide for deeply appreciate your generosity.


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