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Planned Giving

Ways to Give

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Lifetime Giving

A lifetime gift will not only support our mission but will also allow you to see the benefit of your gift first hand. When making a gift, the amount of your donation directly correlates with the impact our organization can have but even small donations can have a meaningful impact. Your donation of cash or other approved property can be in the form of a one-time gift or you can coordinate with our organization to authorize us to debit your bank account on a recurring basis for donations. As a potential additional benefit to you, your gift to a qualified charitable organization may also entitle you to an income tax in the year in which it is paid.

Bequest From Your Will or Trust

Your Will or Trust documents will allow you to designate where your property and assets go after your passing. In addition to including bequests for your loved ones you can include a gift to our organization to ensure your love for animals is carried on even after you are gone. Your Will or Trust can also allow for flexibility in how your gift is made, either by leaving a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate to the organization or by leaving what remains (the remainder) after other bequests to your loved ones have been made.

Beneficiary and Account Designations

Certain financial instruments (e.g. life insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc.) allow you to directly name individuals or organizations to receive either all or a portion of your account or benefit after your passing without going through probate. Similar to a beneficiary designation, other assets (e.g. bank accounts, investment accounts, etc.) allow you to name or title the asset as “payable on death” or “transfer on death” allowing for an easy transition of ownership following your passing. These are usually some of the simplest and most straight forward methods of making a gift as it only requires you to fill out the applicable forms with the financial institution without changing your will or other aspects of your estate plan. Additionally, through such an arrangement you retain complete control over the funds or assets while you are living and have the ability revoke or change the gift at any time.

Other Methods

This document is only meant to address some basic gifting/ estate planning techniques and is not meant as an exhaustive list of all planning possibilities. It is important to discuss your unique personal and financial situation with your financial advisor, attorney and/or tax advisor in order to determine which of technique(s) can help advance your overall wishes.

Other methods include:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Gift of Real Estate (including direct transfers, retained life estate or T.O.D. designation)
  • Gift of Stock or Securities

The information contained herein is meant only to provide a general overview of the topics discussed herein and should not be interpreted as legal, financial or tax advice. Some of the information contained herein may not be relevant or applicable in your specific state and it is important to review all applicable federal laws, rules and regulations in addition to the laws in your specific jurisdiction. Under no circumstances should such information be interpreted as legal advice or opinions relative to specific matters, facts, situations, or issues. Please seek the specific advice of your tax advisor, attorney, and/or financial planner to discuss the application of these topics to your individual situation.


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