LOST Calico/cat: Kitty/ki ki ma 08/17/2023

Type of Pet:
Pet Gender:
Date Animal Was Lost/Found:
Description of Animal:
She’s a year old Calico she’s got all her shots and is fixed she’s my 9 year Olds emotional support animal and has papers we didn’t get her a chip because of cost she’s litter trained and very soft with her claws she’s shy and will answer to the word “EAT” in hmong like you would say to a baby my kids are half and half is why j talked alot of childish words in hmong she’s super intelligent she will sit and watch a animal before friending it but will not fight in less no choice gifts before hand is better she will slap a hand away before she let’s someone pet her but won’t break skin we found her as a abandon outdoors kitten and I helped my two kids earn her trust and she became a big impact on our hearts I’ve spent the last 6months homeless in our van with her so I’ve grown to love her as if she was a child of my own I miss her she’s gone before but always came back she loves the wild green out doors hiding and running around in the bushes I’ve walked and called for her till my feet swell up I have medical issues but I’d do anything I can for my daughter so I keep looking and hopping she’s safe a n d well 715 308-3655 you can text me again my name is Robert of new richmond Wisconsin.
Location animal was found/went missing:
233 croft st new richmond Wisconsin 54017
Contact Information:
(715) 308-3655

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