FOUND Cat: No collar or tag 12/21/2022

Type of Pet:
Pet Gender:
I can’t identify
Date Animal Was Lost/Found:
Description of Animal:
It is a small black cat with gold eyes. It has two small, cute little vampire-like teeth that stick out of its mouth, and has all of its claws. Since we got it inside, it has been meowing and purring a lot; it seems to be familiar/comfortable with humans. It was outside for at least a few days; it looks to have a small cut on one of its paws, but other than that seems to be in good condition. There is no collar or tag.
Location animal was found/went missing:
The cat has been hanging out around my parent’s house on Norwood Avenue North & Norell, north of Stillwater. It has been around for at least a few days; we were just able to capture it. We are posting about in on Nextdoor as well.
Contact Information:
(651) 491-2562

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