FOUND black cat: no name no tag 09/01/2020

Type of Pet:
black cat
Pet Gender:
Date Animal Was Lost/Found:
Description of Animal:
All black. Very tiny bits of white under his chin. Bright green eyes. Very friendly. Was missing fur on his back by his tail, but it has grown in. Very vocal. He cries to announce his arrivals and departures. He would make a very nice pet.
Location animal was found/went missing:
I live in a rural area, North Glover Road, Hudson, WI, and this cat was roaming the property starting last year. I would see him occasionally and thought he lived at a nearby hobby farm. He started coming closer to our house in March of this year. He wouldn’t hang around much, so I thought he was just on his rounds and was a working cat. He made it through the winter, presumable in a barn? When he came closer to our house, I offered him a little food. He was dirty, had frostbitten ear tips, was missing fur on his back by his tail, not neutered and was a mess. He started coming around more often and now he is here most mornings and evenings. I have two cats, littermates, who keep their distance from him. He’s not feral, just stray. I tried contacting neighbors, but have had no response. I have been brushing him and I can handle him some, but I haven’t let him in the house. My concern is the approaching cold weather. He needs to be neutered. The cats I have don’t want to relate to him, although he wants to be friends. He needs a home for the winter. If he is your cat, please, please contact me. Thank you!
Contact Information:
(651) 398-5319

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