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St. Croix Animal Friends is extremely grateful for supporters taking it upon themselves to raise money for our organization. We encourage volunteers to come up with creative and imaginative events as well as tried and true fundraisers. Think Big, though no contribution is too small! What skills, talents, or interests do you have that could be the start of a fundraising plan?

Some volunteers undertake projects to engage their family and friends in moneymaking activities of interest to them. Others like to organize people in their social, hobby, or school groups to raise money. Co-workers can collaborate at their place of business to generate donations. There is no end to the possibilities!

Your ingenious and resourceful ideas translate into money that makes our animal welfare programs and services possible and brings us one step closer to our goal, the construction of our Humane Society Adoption and Education Center.

If you have an idea for a fundraising activity, or would like to meet to discuss opportunities to raise money for SCAF, please contact us at or 715.749.3763.


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